The Rappers

Music is a piece of art which everybody loves to listen since years and decades. The songs or the art people hear depends upon their mood and their choice for listening. There have been a number of entertainers entertaining us and a number of viewers getting entertained by these singers. No doubt, these entertainers are the stars of everyone's lives since they achieve what interests us.

One of the most popular entertainers is Aubrey Drake Graham. Born in Canada on October 24, 1986, Aubrey uses his stage-name everywhere as Drake. He plays multiple roles in the entertaining industry like song writer, rapper, actor and an artist. He started his first mix-tape named as Room For Improvement. His genres of music are R & B and Hip-Hop. His songs are enthusiastic and heart touching. In one of the websites, Drake quotes "I'm not heartless. I've just learned to use heart less... ". He has not only sung mind blowing songs but even helped himself in playing roles as actors on television. His first highly and widely accepted was of 'Jimmy Brooks' which he played in 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' series on television. He has come up with many single hit albums; out of them was 'Thank Me Later' of the year 2010. It achieved the first and the top most position on the Billboard 200.

The other marvelous artist in hip-hop is the renowned singer, Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is his stage name as his real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. He is born in New Orleans of the United States of America on September 27, 1982. His career began in 1996 by joining the team of Hot Boys. He has also given multiple single as well as collaborated hits. The scream for him from the crowd when he appears on the stage speaks his popularity. He works as a rapper, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and a producer. In one of the Lil Wayne quotes, he says "You can keep knocking but cannot knock me down". This shows the freedom-loving attitude of the artist. He should have such pride in him since at the age of 15 he became known to almost everyone in the field. His great fans' list speaks it all. Though he received mixed and negative response for his first album, Rebirth, it was made to certify gold. He has seen many downs also with success. He was sent to prison for 8 months on being caught for possessing a weapon in the year 2007, but this did not let him go down. He is still the favorite of all.

These two international singers have proved to rock the stage after coming together for albums. Drake, in collaboration with Lil Wayne, gave multiple hits like 'Miss Me', 'I'm Going In', 'She Will' and many more. Every song of their collaboration has earned huge positive response. It proved that Drake and Lil Wayne are this generation's top-most singers and will prove to be the best also in the future.

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